The French Revolution: Reign of Terror committee certainly lived up to its name over the weekend - a weekend that must certainly be remembered as one of the bloodiest in Ohio State’s history. Not only were various members of committee - including Marie Antoinette, Jean-Paul Marat, and Maximilien Robespierre - all brutally executed, but 37% of France was infected with a deadly disease that had no available cure. On a slightly lighter note, the American ambassador to France, Governor Morris, dedicated his time to making important discoveries in the natural field; including whatever this is…

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But in all seriousness, aided by the French speaking abilities of their Chair, Simona Jasova, the delegates engaged in passionate debate about the future of France. With topics of discussion raging from economic theory, to military strategy, it was surely a committee that the original revolutionaries would be proud of.

- Anthony Perrins, Co-Chair