Attention, Attention: CCWA Election

Attention, Attention: CCWA Election

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Election season is upon us… and no, not just for USG.  It’s also time for the annual CCWA elections!

This year, CCWA is implementing a new voting system with the hopes of attaining a more accurate and legitimate representation of the CCWA electorate.  As per a recently passed amendment to our club constitution, we will now be using a rank choice system, in which each voter will be able to rank the candidates for every position on the ballot.  A shift away from our previous plurality vote process, the rank choice system is intended to produce winning candidates that a larger number of voters agree upon.

Speaking of candidates, we have a huge variety of fantastic people running for positions on the CCWA Executive Board, Internal Affairs Committee, and External Affairs Committee.  Particularly contentious races include those for Vice President, Director of Outreach, and Marketing Chair. Meanwhile, some other races might turn out to be landslides, such as in the Presidential race where Abi McGowan currently runs unopposed.  But keep in mind: CCWA members are allowed to nominate candidates up until the time of elections.

The current list of candidates stands as follows:

President - Abi McGowan

Vice President - Ryan Miller, Simon Pollayil, Sasha Zborovsky

Director of Outreach - Emily Needham, Vidhya Jeyadev, Sydney Rovner

Director of Finance - Ryan Ackerman, Simona Jasova

Director of Membership - Kathleen Fink

Executive Secretary - Nicole Hoyer, Yours truly

Recruitment Chair - Anya Chew, Anthony Perrins

Marketing Chair - Jacob Chang, Vidhya Jeyadev, Emma McMurray

Polls posted today on the CCWA Voting Members Facebook page will determine what two questions will be asked to the candidates of each position.  Be sure to vote in the polls and come to tonight’s meeting to hear the candidates’ responses! It’s time to perform your civic duty CCWA-style!

- Lizzy Roka

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