Members themselves are the foundation on which the Collegiate Council on World Affairs was built. Our organization has grown from only a few members to well around one hundred in only a few short years. With this growth, we have established an extensive network of alumni and professional contacts that would appeal to all students. 

However, as a club we transcend beyond merely a springboard where students can launch their careers. The Collegiate Council on World Affairs is a paradox in itself, as we are an organization comprised of extremely close friends, yet are so welcoming to new members. We are constantly discussing some of the most relevant and disputed political and social current events, yet we are accepting of all viewpoints. 

The members of CCWA have built a comprehensive club, offering the students of The Ohio State University an opportunity to expand and develop both their academic and social sides. Through our extensive alumni network, many members can access valuable knowledge about their career path, as well as have a group of friends living and working throughout the world.  Ultimately though, the Collegiate Council on World Affairs presents students with a great opportunity to make real friends and get the most out of their college years.